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Have you ever come across the “Routing Number” term? Did you find it to be paid straightforwardly or for similar acts? Or, do you hear it for the first time? Whatever the case may be, the good thing about being here is: you’ll get all your questions answered by the end of the blog. A lot more requests were about Cash App Routing Number, and this is what made us create this probably the most important blog in the cash app domain. So, let’s find out the ‘What’, and ‘How’ of the Routing Number.

The extensive network of the banking system is something that makes a lot of Fintech aware of the correct depositing and transacting funds to one another. With this said, from the beginning, a system has been created in which ‘how banks can be identified’ was introduced.

With the continuous opening of banks, it was needed. This is why ‘Routing Number’ was introduced. It was for the identification of a bank, established in a particular area. This helps the sender and receiver know exactly where the money is coming from and where it is going, in particular.

What Is A Routing Number?

Quick Answer: The routing number is a bunch of 9-digit numbers that is decided by the parent payment service provider under which several banks falls. So, for instance, the cash app is a widely-populated cash application and it has several banks working in the USA.

So, when someone from Florida sends money to someone residing in LA, they will be having a particular routing number which will help them find their respective bank account within the cash app.

More onto the same, the routing number is further divided into parts. The first two digits of the 9-digit number are for the identification of parent jurisdiction. Similarly, the third digit is the identification of the check processing center of the respective parent Bank or payment service provider. And, the Fourth digit is the indication of the State name of the Federal Reserve district of the bank.

How Cash App And Routing Number Is Related?

The cash app is a peer-to-peer transaction application that is not only helpful in transacting funds; however, it offers extra features to help you receive money at home. It could be your salary in the forms of paycheck deposits, unemployment aid from the Government, tax returns, etc. all are deposited by the ‘Direct Deposit’ feature of it.

The direct deposit feature can be well accessed through the routing and account number. Initially, users, of the cash app, require setting up direct deposits. For this, a routing number (a bank address that is associated with your account) is needed.

Also, Routing the number to the employer to find out the bank to which he has to send the amount on each payday.

This is truly a ‘needed to function’ aspect for better cash app usage.

Cash App Routing Number Sutton Bank

The Cash App cannot be considered a bank, because it is not. However, the cash app is a payment processing service for its interconnected users. Then, how does it offer so many financial features? Or, a feature that a bank offers? Well, all of this is possible because of the partnered bank of the cash app.

There are two banks – Sutton and Lincoln bank – which facilitate cash app banking features in the best possible way.

Sutton bank is involved in issuing the Cash Card or debit card while, Lincoln Bank offers Direct Deposit, loans, and other features with the cash app.

Cash App Routing Number 041

Both the partnered banks have their own routing number for which they are identified. The Sutton bank belongs to the two numbers: 041208777 or 041215663. The address for the Sutton bank is Attica, OH 44807.

Cash App Routing Number Lincoln Savings Bank

Similarly, Lincoln Bank, which offers a Direct Deposit feature, could be identified with the 073905527 or 073923033 numbers. The address is: Reinbeck Iowa 50669.

How To Find Your Cash App Routing And Account Number?

To find out partnered banks’ routing and account numbers, you need to follow the below-given steps. Each bank is specialized for a particular feature and this will help you find the exact match for which you’re finding numbers. For instance, the Sutton Bank is for issuing Cash Card and the Lincoln Savings bank helps in Direct Deposit.

Continue to follow the steps to find the account and routing number.

How Do You Set Up Direct Deposit For Cash App?

Setting up of direct deposit requires your routing number, and the ‘direct deposit form’ filled. Since we have found out the routing number, the other steps that are filling up the direct deposit form and then setting up direct deposit is to be performed.

To get the direct deposit form and fill it out, you need to:

Can You Change Your Cash App Routing Number?

Changing the routing number will require creating a new cash app account since the previous account has a decided routing number of the location where it’s opened.

So, suppose your previous routing number was 073 and you want to switch to 041, create another cash app account with a unique email address and contact number.

Alternatively, you can also try it to change your address to the matching address you’re living in. If that seems similar, that’s a good thing. If not, the only option now is to create a new account on the cash app.

Therefore, there is no choice of changing the routing number directly. For that, the alternative ‘Creating a new cash app account’ option is good to go with.

Cash App Routing Number Invalid – Why?

The reason for showing your routing number invalid is many. But, some of them are common and some are rare to occur. Let’s delve to understand.

Cash App routing number shows invalid, due to:

Hence, check for the reason to be sure what exactly is happening behind the troublesome.

How Do You Set Up Direct Deposit For Cash App?

In order to set up direct deposit on the cash app for your paychecks or any other monthly receiving, you need to fill out direct deposit forms, which you will get from the cash app itself. Below given steps are there to make your form-filling easier.


What Is Routing Number 041215663 For Cash App?

041215663 routing number is from Sutton Bank which helps in facilitating cash card services. Cash Card is issued to users with the help of Sutton Bank. Therefore, it’s an important routing number to be known for your card usage, especially.

Does Cash App Use Your Routing And Account Numbers?

Yes, the cash app uses routing numbers and account numbers to facilitate your paychecks to be deposited quickly and effectively. A routing number is essential because it helps detect the location and makes it successful to transfer funds without any hindrances. And, the account number is helpful in finding to whom we want to send funds. Therefore, both routing and account numbers are needed for a better transaction.

Which Bank’s Routing Number Is 073972181?

There is two financial organization connected with the cash app, and 073972181 belongs to Lincoln Savings Bank. The other bank that’s connected is – Sutton bank.

Both the banks are responsible to complete the transaction on time and accurately. This is why the cash app is known for its best financial facilities among other competitors.

How To Get 073 Cash App Routing Number?

To get the 073 routing number on the cash app, the only way is to create a new account on the cash app. Creating a new account will help get a new routing number, which you can share to get paid.

As said, the routing number is the identification of the place where the account was opened, so this cannot be changed; however, creating another account is the need of getting the 073 routing number.


Routing number – It’s an essential requirement to complete the transaction between two cash app users. A routing number is needed to send funds among users. This may include direct deposits, paychecks, or even normal transactions.

Cash App works with two different financial companies: Sutton Bank and Lincoln Bank. Both are equipped with different facilities such as cash cards and other transactions respectively.

Additionally, if you move from one location to another, you need to change your routing number. And, the only way to change the routing number on the cash app is to create a new cash app account.