Privacy Policy: Users’ privacy is our topmost priority and we do every effort to keep it private; if ever asked while using the site. There might be several points where we ask you to fill in some details to give you better services from our end. However, the information we acquire is put under safety till you remain on the site. And, it can be deleted as you move on from

Along with it, we have no right and also don’t share any users’ data contained with personal information with any other third party as this falls under illegal actions.

The priority, as said, will always remain to protect users’ data and provide the services best in the arena. We have intentionally made this possible to leave no stone unturned in being transparent in terms of policies and services.

Moreover, the data that is taken or asked from users’ end will be used to provide a better experience on our site; ignoring any kind of illegal use resulting in the theft of it.

We are not in act of sharing the users’ information in public of any kind. Rather, we conceive the information to be secured and out of fraudsters’ reach.

As we are part of this globalized world, conglomerations with other sites and grouping with others is a common act, and therefore, we might be doing so in the future as well. But, here is something very clear we are actually not responsible for these other sites’ data anymore.

Therefore, using the other site’s information for your benefit will be your own concern.

Additionally, you have full right to avoid the requests we make related to your personal information during your visit to our site.

On your visit to our site, you must be familiar with cookies that our site always uses at the time of landing any user. These cookies hold your hidden information on our server to make sure that you are a legit visitor and your purpose is to gain information only.

Also, by avoiding cookies access, you won’t be free from ads on the site; they will still pop up being in automation mode. The cookies of our site hold the information of:

  • Language of the website
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